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Formal Updos

Artist Applied Makeup

Formal. Halloween. Wedding.

Whether it be for your Prom or just because Flair FX and our esthetician will help you with the look you want.





Formal Updos

Glamorous. Stunning. Romantic.

The salon can be an important part of your day. Weather it be for an event or a formal wedding, make it fun and special, bring your Make-up artist and photographer.

On the Wedding day this is often the kick-off, the first time of the day that the girls are all together. It can be an important bond and can set the rest of the day up for success.

Flair FX has contacts with the best that the industry offers. Let us know if you would like a recommendation for make-up, nails, catering or photographers.

Whether it is a WEDDING party, GRADUATION or FIRST COMMUNION, Flair FX is the place to be.

Book your appointment early so that there are more stylists available. Your party will be all together and will be in and out faster.

Get your colour touched up 4 days to one week before your wedding/graduation day. Major changes to colour should be carefully considered and should be done at least a month in advance.

Record your travel time from the salon to where you are getting dressed. Make the day’s schedule as predictable as possible.

Wash your hair the day before your wedding or graduation. Do not use any shine products, pomades, waxes, etc. Come into the salon with your hair dry.

Make sure to have a few bobby pins and a purse size spray with you all day. We do have travel size available for purchase.

Schedule nails appointments for the day before. This saves time.

Schedule 1 or 2 trials, one month before your wedding day. If you are generally sure of what style you would like, 1 trial most likely will be enough.

Come to your trial prepared. Bring photos of styles you like (or that you don’t like!) Pictures are a great way to show your likes and dislikes to your stylist. Details of your wedding dress, headpieces and general theme of the wedding day are important when considering hair styles. For example if your wedding is outside then consider not having hair down, it may blow across your face in pictures as well as loose curls may fall quicker in the humidity as well as possibly frizz.

Bring a digital camera to take photos of all sides of your style and bring them to your stylist on your wedding day. Be sure to communicate to your stylist the full feeling of your wedding look. If you’re not generally sure on an accessory, feel free to ask your stylist for recommendations and the possibilities of purchasing.


  • Run-way or Natural You – If it is important to you to be recognizably “you” in your look, be sure to choose a style for the front of your hair that is similar to the way you wear it. I.e.: parts, height, etc. if you want to break away from your everyday image, let your stylist know!

  • Up or down – Generally speaking, putting hair up is a more special and elegant style than down. Having your hair off the shoulders will show details of the dress beautifully. If your hair is straight, heavy, or hard to set, and up style will last longer throughout the day, whereas down styles will have the tendency to go frizzier and curl will drop over a long day. That being said, if you feel more comfortable with your hair down, talk to your stylist about options to get around these obstacles.

  • Natural curls – Enhance them and work with them; keep your look soft.

Keep your hair healthy. Use only professional products and consider carefully any colour changes to prepare your hair for your special day!!

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