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Hair Care (Helpful Tips)

Split ends do not mend, they continue to split up the hair shaft and break off along the way. Test your hair by comparing the thickness of your ponytail at the ends with the thickness at the root. Hair that has experienced breakage will be thinner at the ends. The 2 things that you can do to control split ends are:

1. Prevent them – keep your hair properly conditioned and Treated
2. Stop them – cut just the ends off your hair regularly about every 4-6 weeks

Good quality shampoo is the most important part of your hair system because detergents that are poor quality will damage your hair quickly! Also these shampoos tend to have a lot of added water and alcohol and require more lathering agents to produce rich studs.

A daily conditioner will condition the cuticle layer of your hair. Your cuticle will be smoothed down and in turn will prevent damage to the inside of the hair shaft. Also a smooth cuticle creates shine, and comb ability.
A weekly hair treatment is necessary for hair that is: long, chemically treated, or growing out. If your hair is dry because of the weather, it is long or naturally curly, go with a moisturizing treatment. If you have had chemical services done, you will need the proper balance of moisture and protein.

When choosing a daily shampoo or conditioner, consider first the weight of that product. Do you tend to like a more moisturizing, silkier, heavier shampoo? Or a lighter weight one? People with thick, curly, or longer hair tend to like heavier daily products. People that have fine, healthy hair tend to like lighter products. But there are exceptions to this! It also is a factor how you style your hair…do you encourage volume? Fight against volume? Is shine a priority?

Try to avoid shampooing every day. Water is not the same pH as hair. Regular exposure to rinsing together with blow-drying the hair will age the hair faster in the long term. If your scalp gets oily half way through the day, you should consider a hair powder (dry shampoo) at your roots on the second day in order to avoid excessive washing. Your scalp then will slow down production of oils, and a balance will be maintained.

Ever hear your mother or grandmother talking about “when I was growing up I brushed my hair 100 strokes before bedtime”? Well…It’s not a fairy tale! Regular brushing is a great for keeping scalp and hair healthy and silky. Brushing your hair stimulates your follicles to grow and produce oils that naturally keep your hair looking healthy, but don’t brush your hair when it is wet; brushing hair that is wet will make it more susceptible to breakage. Using a big toothed comb when you’re applying conditioner will help to get through the tangles.


Your consultation is your contract with your stylist. Be very clear about what you want and don’t want. By the end of your consultation, both you and your stylist ideally will have the same “picture” in your head about your final result.

Bring photos! It helps to show things that you like (even a part of a cut) and things that you don’t like. Be prepared to tell your stylist why you don’t like it, and communicate on the “feel” of a style instead of the technical parts of the cut.

Our stylists will discuss with you the suitability of the look, information on maintenance and suggest possible ways to customize the look to enhance your features and suit your lifestyle.

Be prepared to make a decision. If you are changing your style, do some preliminary research and come to your appointment with specific questions, so as not to have your consultation infringe on your cutting time.

Be more specific when using words such as “short”, “tapered”, “strawberry blonde”, or other words that have more than one meaning.

When looking at a photo of a haircut, try to separate the cut with the blow-dry or styling. Communicate to your stylist on both.

If you are growing out your hair, do not wait over two months to trim the ends. Regular trims will keep your hair healthy as it grows out.

Pay attention to the texture of your hair. Trust the product recommendations of your stylist. Unless you are willing to spend a lot of time with your hair in the morning, keeping it healthy is crucial!

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